Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Guy Cat 1998-December 15, 2010

At 5:40 am this morning Guy Cat passed away. Guy was born at Carl's, Lulu Road, Petersburg, Michigan. He was Carl's only surviving cat having outwitted the coyotes behind his property. Guy decided to live with Mike and Bheki while they resided in Petersburg and then moved with them to Gibsonburg, Ohio. A neighbor in Gibsonburg, known for not paying attention behind the wheel of a vehicle (she had numerous accidents, totaled one van, killed someone else's cat, and almost ran over the local tax adjuster who was standing in her drive), ran over Guy back around the year 2000. While Guy did endure surgery and lose a leg, he pulled through to live the rest of his life surrounded by his "harem". Guy was very popular with the lady cats and they were always lounging around with him. He just returned to Michigan and made the move to Calumet in October. He had labored breathing on Tuesday afternoon. Guy was approximately 12 years old and is survived by his humans, Mike and Bheki, his harem, and many other fury family members. He will be missed. (I can't look at pictures right now. Maybe when this doesn't sting so bad, I'll get a photo up. Just not right now.) Update: Here's a picture. Quite the handsome cat. Now you can see why he had a harem. Yes, still stings.

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