Monday, December 20, 2010


Exceptional feLION Mz. Fancy Pants enjoying the radiant heat of the Main Level masonry heater. If you're interested in knowing more about masonry heat, check out The Masonry Heater Association and our mason, Eric Moshier, Solid Rock Masonry. Eric is fantastic to work with. I really felt part of the team, from the design of our heaters to the installation. He and his crew are professional yet fun to work with. I really appreciated their enthusiasm. The heater install is one of my favorite parts of The Secret Cabin remodel. Even though this team came in and worked hard-built 2 heaters in 5 days-they took the time to include me in the building of the heaters. They showed me how to apply the stucco. There's a small area on the Garden Level heater that I can point to where I applied the stucco. They incorporated some stones that I picked up on site. I also got to put a couple of stones on each heater. Each heater has a stone I picked up just down the road from the shore of Lake Superior. I can't tell you how nice it is and how much it means to have such good memories. The radiant heat and the memories are enjoyable.

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