Friday, October 15, 2010

Exceptional feLIONs

Everyone is getting settled in. After 16 months of construction BS, it's nice to have my life and family back.

This is Fancy. She's starting to doze off here on her little cat tree. Fancy is the one I was really, really worried about. This is a tough move for any man or beast requiring about 11-12 hours in the car. However, Fancy is a special needs cat. We're not sure exactly what happened but as a kitten she was found staggering up to my sister-in-law's and brother's porch. One possibility is that she was a victim of some kind of neuro-toxin. Anyway, she is on medication to prevent seizures. I'm pretty sure she has double vision. She, like our other two brain injury cats, tend to have a hard time shaking things off. If they get mad, they tend to lock in on that. Fancy is the worst and will have an out and out rage fit. Take her to the vet and you will hear growling and screaming for a week afterwards. All you can do is leave her alone until she decides she's done being mad. Don't look at her and don't speak. Special treats like boiled chicken or some tuna can help put you back in her good graces. Hey, if it works.... Now, Fancy may have a physical challenge, but she's all cat. She is very nosey. She also thinks she's pretty cool when she's got something she likes. With the exception of screaming once in awhile when the front of her cage got rattled by going over a railroad track or a section of bumpy road, she handled the trip well. The big thing is that she screamed once and settled right back down and hey, no one likes her cage rattled. She looked pretty smug on her bed in her carrier when I "released" her in the cabin. When she came out of her cage, she was busy with her Catnip Welcome Reception. Once out of the catnip stooper, she became a little disoriented and didn't really know where she was. She got scared and tried to hide behind the refrigerator. Of course, the refrigerator wouldn't let her back out and once freed from the grips of the evil refrigerator, she was in a panic and rushed around and bumped into everything. Once she realized that the refrigerator wasn't chasing her and we weren't in any immediate danger and our normal routine things were happening, she started to relax a little. Other than the "normal" cat slinking around at new sounds, she's doing really good and I'm very proud of her. If you are faced with a vision impaired pet (often this happens with aging pets), elevated dishes - about chest height - are the way to go. This way they won't step in their food and/or water dishes. Also, lower perches or beds are easier for them to use and fulfills their climbing instincts without having to worry about a huge fall. Tiffany Anne also is vision impaired and her favorite toy is the turbo scratcher. It's the circle thing with a ball in a track with the cardboard scratcher in the center. The ball is always somewhere in the track and the center is nice to sit on and/or do your kitty nails. Even though The Secret Cabin has a lot smaller footprint than our other house, it has more levels and seems roomier for the cats. Plus, with the smaller footprint, I have been scaling way back on stuff. Moving house is the perfect time to donate, recycle, and trash. Yes, man and beasts both like the calm and peace of breathing space in a home. Now that the beasts are here, The Secret Cabin is really home. 

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