Sunday, September 19, 2010

Quick Update

Quick because I'm so exhausted that I can't think straight. I have been in denial for about four weeks that Fall is barreling down on us. This all started the last two weeks of August. Even though we were getting enough rain that the trees weren't going dormant, I noticed that they just didn't seem to be as green. No, it couldn't be, said the voice of my denial. The day I took a bath outside it was a Monday and 90 degrees. By the end of the week, it was in the 60's. Still in denial, I did not start firing the heaters yet. Just this past week, with night time temperatures in the 40's, I was glad I was starting to face reality and had the upstairs heater going. However, I'm still on a learning curve here and when we had sunshine and 60's outside, it was in the high 70's in the cabin---with the doors open. We're hoping this is a sign that when Winter is "showing off", we'll be comfortable. I don't know what's going on but we do have a terrible draft in the loft. Magnets were supposed to latch the knee wall storage doors shut. When the wind blows, it blows the doors open. I will have to do something else (besides block them with unpacked boxes) to latch these doors tighter. I'm not sure what I did or didn't do when I installed the soffits, vent, insulation, drywall, tongue and groove wood ceiling, and knee wall storage. Yep, it's my fault. Anything and everything that didn't go right or got damaged or forgotten or messed up in some way was ALL MY FAULT because apparently when you pay some "professional" to do something....  I've also come out of denial about being able to actually get everything completely done. I've gone through all the stuff in boxes in the cabin and in a previous post you could see the fruits of my labor in the pictures of the living room and kitchen. I've been painting the inside of the Garden Shed. The wood stove is just about installed out there. We're waiting on a part. The boiler is green and go. The water is running through the heat coil in the downstairs heater and flowing through the in-floor radiant heat tubes for the bathroom and enclosed porch. I did the maiden burn in the Garden Level (downstairs) heater Friday night. The downstairs heater has to go through the curing process so it's probably going to be at least ten days before I see any hot water. I will keep you posted on that. Bringing the boiler "on line" is pulling another load off the power system. The pump on the boiler is very efficient. I continue to do laundry on sunny days and hang it out to dry. The tractor went in for a CV joint repair so the scary clown bus is filling in as the other end of my clothes line. My outdoor clean up efforts are on hold until the tractor comes back. I have started cooking at The Secret Cabin too. I got a little 900 Watt microwave. I also have a Breville Toaster Oven and I've been using that too. Using the toaster oven takes me back to my Easy Bake Oven days. While this is the grown up, it really does work, stainless steel version, I can't help but crave a still raw in the middle cupcake. I'm not real sure how much I'm running the power system down. The Husband did do some more research and other solar dwellers found that the only way to really know how much power there is is to put a battery monitor on the batteries. The monitor got here the end of last week. That's The Husband's department so I'll have to report back on that once it's installed. And, last but not least, I had yet another one of those moments that take your breath away. The deer come right up to the cabin all the time. I see fresh hoof prints every morning. Well, tonight, I was on one side of the Garden Level window and a fawn was on the other side. I could have reached out and pet her. Yeah, wow.

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