Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Of Snakes and Dragons

There has been not one, but two snake sightings today. I am not a fan of snakes. I really don't have anything against them other than they always surprise me and not in a good way. They should have come installed with bells on them or something. And that slithering thing that they do gives me the hebbie jebbies. The other thing snakes do is coil which reminded me that I never took a picture of the hot water coil (aka water jacket) in the Garden Level (basement) masonry heater in my last post. So, may I present, the hot water coil. It is now "blackened," not to be confused with cajun, after the fires I've had in the heater. The water temperature in the boiler is now up to 81 degrees. The water temperature in the loop (coming in and out of the boiler, flowing through the heater, is holding at 90 degrees. The fires are taking that temperature up to 110 degrees during firing. I am still bringing the masonry heater up to a full load of fire wood. Also, I am just now starting to shut the flue and dampers after the burn. After I do that a couple more times and I start to feel some heat when I put my hand on the masonry, I will probably take the heater up to two burns, 12 hours apart. Meanwhile, I have gone to just one fire every other evening in the heater upstairs. Remember, these systems are still new and I'm on a learning curve here. It was so hot in here the other day, I thought about throwing water on the rocks of the heater and taking a little sauna. After all, we've got a wall of cedar paneling and the ceiling is also cedar. Isn't that basically a sauna? It was actually 78 degrees in the cabin when it was 40 degrees outside with the doors and windows open. Oops. The big lesson learned: Next year, start the Garden Level heater in the fall and wait to start the Main Level heater until, probably, I'm guessing, November, when the temperatures are lower.

As for dragons, sometimes I refer to the tractor as The Green Dragon. Kind of like it's code name. The Green Dragon has left the UP. There's been a little bit of drama surrounding my green ride  for the past couple of weeks. I don't want to get into all the icky, little details because I feel like I need a shower after just thinking about someone treating my business equipment like it's a toy for them to play around with. So, the tractor is on it's way to a huge John Deere dealership in Wisconsin that takes Ag equipment, farms, and farm girls seriously. Here's hoping I can add this dealership to Team Bheki.

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