Sunday, August 22, 2010

Speaking of Beasts

This is a Beast Barn. Okay, so it's just an Outbuilding that will be for Beasts and seed starting for the farm. LR Contracting has been speedily building this for us. They poured the foundation on Monday and by Thursday, 5 PM, this is what I had. Sans big mess all over the yard and bad attitude and/or princess harassing. I have been really impressed with these guys. They were the ones that fixed the mistake in the concrete in the lower level of The Secret Cabin. There was NOTHING laying around when they were done with that job. As if that's not impressive enough, one of the gentleman on the crew use to build Morton Barns. If you're not familiar with the Morton name, they are a beautiful building. They're VERY pricey but come with every bell and whistle imaginable. But wait there's more.... I've been kind of a pain in the butt about not being wasteful with materials and trying to use up the stuff I have left over from building the machine barn. They have been making a huge effort to help me not waste materials and money. I really appreciate that. Especially at this stage of the game. We're at the end of all this and we are scrapping the bottom of the barrel. In fact, a big shout out to my Mom and Dad. THANK YOU! If it weren't for them, this building would not be possible and our move would not be possible which in turn putting the other house on the market would not be possible and our diabolic plan to take over 80 acres of the World would be foiled and we'd lose everything Mike and I have worked for over the last 20-some years. 

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