Sunday, August 29, 2010

OMG, grab a bucket!

So, the sun is just a shining and it's HOT in the UP. The frig is running a lot and burning some battery power over night. I think. The System Control Panel is showing that we're burning some battery power and the Inverter is showing we're fully charged. The Husband is looking into it. Well, I was feeling all haughty having running water and a flush toilet so I thought I'd run my new wash machine for the first time and do a load of laundry. Guess what I forgot? That the drain for the wash machine drains into a pit with a pump that drains the bath tub which isn't hooked up yet. Oops. Note to self that the utility sink drains there as well. What could have been a Lucy in the chocolate factory episode turned out to be manageable as the new wash machine doesn't use much water. You would think the thing was designed for use in a desert or third world country where water is scarce. (Our day is coming by the way. The number one source of pollution of our fresh water is agriculture.) How it's supposed to get your clothes clean without using hardly any just doesn't seem right. Anyway, my jean shorts are all hanging over the round pen panels drying in the sun and breeze. I guess I'll know if the wash machine actually got my clothes clean if I don't hear anyone near me say, "What smells?"

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