Saturday, August 21, 2010

I've got the power....

....and paint. And dust. And....

Ceiling fan because a solar cabin can. Special shout out to Wayne of Hanson Electric for going waaay up a really, really tall ladder to install. Thank you, Wayne.

The Secret Cabin as viewed on my way from the Portajohn in the middle of the night. Special Thank you to the Sun for the power to run the lights.


This is the Mechanical Room. I'm attempting to make it pretty so it's not a scary dungeon when I do laundry. Plas-Tex wall covering (almond, smooth) and painted (peach, Sherwin-Williams Frangipane to be exact) block wall. I'd like to have a board running along where the Plas-Tex and block meet to trim it out. Also, I could add hooks on the board for hanging things.

Well, we're close. Oh so close. Disappointingly, Eric and Jake did NOT finish the cabin on their last trip. They said they'd be back during hunting season but they were paid in full and I don't have a lot of faith in other people at the moment. We really, really, really needed them to finish. We canNOT wait any longer to move the animals in. Once I get everything cleaned up and the animals move in, I really don't want to have someone come in and make a mess and disturb the animals while they get settled in. Heck, I don't want to be disturbed. After spending most of the last 14 months apart, The Man, Beasts and I will all be together here at The Secret Cabin for the first time ever. It's been about 3 years since Mike and I have been at The Secret Cabin together. (It's hard to find a farm sitter.)

So, lots of cleaning, touching up of walls and paint, and applying of wood finish yet. Oh yea, I guess I should hook up the water. I've got about four weeks to get all the loose ends tied up. I feel like I'm preparing to be launched to the moon or some thing. I will be getting back to my life. Only my life is changing. I'm moving forward yet I'm taking a huge step back. About 5 years ago, The Husband and I lived in an old, not-so-updated farm house so we've had practice at living a life where day to day living is a little more work than just flipping a switch or pressing a button. Still, I'm looking forward to being done with all this construction BS.

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