Monday, August 30, 2010

Fun with cast iron

Today's adventure with water involves cast iron. And lots of it! Both water and cast iron. I used the tractor to move my old cast iron, clawfoot bathtub (aka Altar of Relaxation) away from the outside back wall (foundation) of The Secret Cabin. I want to paint my tub. I tend to paint with a lot of enthusiasm. My clothes and everything around me ends up looking like I was partying with Jackson Pollock. (See pictures below. I grabbed these off the internet and I don't know who the photographers are to properly credit.) Can you just imagine what The Husband would have to say if the foundation of The Secret Cabin ended up looking like a bad knock off of the bottom picture. Anyway, with the tub moved, I thought, I have a hose so why not? I filled the tub with water and I'm letting the sun warm it up. The water has been warming up for about fours hours. It feels warm enough to be comfortable but I won't jump in until later this evening after my friend who's working on the plumbing inside the cabin leaves. You'll have to check back to see how the outdoor bath turns out.

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