Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Found 'em!

They were in the Scary Clown Bus. Now that there's recharged batteries back in the camera, there's no stopping me. Yep, also found the charger for the smaller batteries. 

Here we have my Sacred Altar of Relaxation. This tub is from the old farm house we got with our property in Ohio. Yes, we moved it the 600-some miles up here. It's like a favorite pair of jeans - fits perfect, super comfortable. I have missed this tub. A lot. The house we built at the farm in Ohio came with one of those water wasting, no place is comfortable to sit in, corner garden tubs. I hate it. After four years of showers only, longing for a relaxing soak, a woman and her tub were reunited. As you'll recall, I filled my tub early yesterday afternoon and let the water heat up all day under the sun. The sun was going down by the time I was able to hop in. It was a little cool but not bad. It actually felt good after the sweltering heat. The fun thing about an outdoor bathtub is that one can really flop and splash around like a happy fish without worrying about getting water all over the place. I was so busy being a happy fish that I didn't notice the shapes where there shouldn't have been any. When you're in a bit of a hurry, you have to knock your glasses over and get water all over them before you actually get them on your face. Schew. I could tell through the distorting streams of water on my lenses it was just a couple of deer. How awesome is that? Taking a bath outside surrounded by trees and wildlife. Ahhhh. Home Sweet Tub.

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