Friday, August 27, 2010

Dang it, where's....

My camera needs it's rechargeable batteries changed and I don't remember where I stashed the rechargeable batteries. The Outbuilding is almost done. The wood stove arrived yesterday. The tractor was able to get it as far as just into the doorway of the Outbuilding and the guys moved it the rest of the way into the building for me. A big THANK YOU to them on that as it really wasn't part of their job and it was really heavy. We are waiting on the metal siding, the door, and the floor trim. It's all supposed to be here this morning. I'm hanging around waiting on the delivery. Then I need to go shopping. I have to get paint for the inside of the Outbuilding and plumbing stuff for The Secret Cabin. Oh, and pick up a loaf of bread from The Conglomerate Cafe. The Strawberry-Rhubarb preserves are yummy too, by the way.

Wednesday evening, my friend came over and we worked on the plumbing. The wash machine is now where it belongs and is hooked up. Think of the scene from The Lost in Space movie where the robot comes on line. Cripes, technology. The water tank is sitting where it's going and up on blocks. My utility sink and faucet were retrieved from the bus and put back in the Mechanical Room. My little utility sink is stainless steel. It's all shiny and pretty and I wanted it to stay that way so I had stashed it in the Scary Clown Bus which by the way is FOR SALE. It could be easily converted into a HUNTING CAMP. It has heat, air, and two inverters. Oops, kind of got off track there. Back to the plumbing. The kitchen drain is hooked up. The bathroom faucet, water lines, and shut off valves are all installed. The sink backsplash is now caulked. We work on the plumbing again on Saturday. I'm looking forward to getting the water going to see how the pump effects our energy usage. It would be a bit more convenient to not have to go outside to use the bathroom. In the meantime, I'm enjoying having lights and a refrigerator. I'm planning on cooking in my Itty Bitty Kitchen for the first time today. I'll let you know how that goes. If you're from lands afar, the weather has been fabulous and the forecast for the weekend is all sunshine. Oh, the building supplies are here.

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