Friday, August 20, 2010

Animal Sightings

(You should be able to click on pictures to enlarge.)

From May to present....

Turtles. I even got a close up as I herded one off the road. While I was excited to see turtles, I was shocked to see turtles. I thought that it was too cold for them. They must be able to dig down far enough to survive.

Some kind of weasel thing with three weasel thing babies. They were trying to cross the road when I came driving up. I stopped. Mom weasel thing grabbed one of the baby weasel things and ran across the road. I felt super sorry for the other baby weasel things as they were crying by the side of the road. I wasn't sure what to do so rather than making matters worse or get my ankles knawed, I left. I'm assuming it all ended well as I did not see squished weasel things on the road the next day when I drove through.

At our place, a coyote in broad day light. Coyotes apparently do not listen. I told him to Shoo! He didn't. He looked at me and then kept sniffing around. This does NOT bode well with me. Our donkey is small. If I tell something to shoo, it needs to shoo. It needs to fear me. Time to get out the big guns?

Partridges. Lots of them hanging around our driveway. This is only the second time I've seen a real partridge. Very interesting.

No Spring is complete without seeing a fawn or two. Right out the back of the cabin.

Now, I found this odd (referring to first picture above). A doe and four sand cranes came strolling through our property one morning. They were just hanging out together. It looked like some kind of scene from National Geographic or some thing. I didn't know that the different wild animals would hang out together. Fascinating.

And, last but not least, a BEAR! OMGG, A BEAR! (Dark spot in second picture above.) My very first BEAR sighting! Behind the cabin, back at the tree line. It walked all the way across the back, along the side and ducked into the woods. It looked pretty big to me. I definitely wouldn't go up and poke it with a stick. I don't think he saw me. He seemed very busy. I'm a little concerned about how much ground he covered even though he was just walking. VERY excited that I was able to SAFELY view a bear.

I would also like to SAFELY view a bobcat.

Oh, and I have seen a couple of bucks with velvet racks. Now, The Husband does NOT hunt, but he told me the other night that he is going to hunt our property. He even bought something or other so he can legally use our assault rifle for hunting. He was wondering who would go hunting with him. Seeing how The Husband does NOT shoot animals, I am a bit confused. I do have a friend whose husband is a vegetarian and yes, he went hunting last year. My not being a hunter is preventing me from understanding this whole hunting thing. I am completely bewildered by the mere thought of a hunting party consisting of someone who does NOT shoot animals and a vegetarian. There's got be a reality show in there somewhere.

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