Monday, May 17, 2010

The Sunny Side of Things

Okay, so I'm really sick and tired of all the negative stuff. We are clearing the decks and tying up the loose ends by dealing with the previously blogged "uglies" which means that it'll all be behind us soon. That's a positive. The blog will be able to focus on life off-grid. Cool, yet sunny things like, oh, I don't know, Holy smokes look at the sun run those two table saws, the whole lotta watts guzzling light, and the radio! True story. Happened on Eric and Jake's last carpentry blitz the first week of May. Yep, kind of gives a whole new meaning to making hay in the light of day. We are down to just the finishing touches and the construction will be over completely so we'll be getting into the edge of your seat, day-to-day, I got up, I turned on the breakers, I made tea and breakfast, which used x amount of watts, I did chores, I made lunch, I did some more chores, I made dinner, and then I did even more chores, then I took a shower. Now, I have this much "juice" left. I collapsed into bed. I got up and went through x amount of watts via phantom loads because I forgot to throw the breakers last night. That kind of VERY COOL stuff. I will reveal the honest truth about how it's all working out, whether or not I have to throw my food out in a snow bank in the winter because there's just not quite enough sun in the winter to run the frig, or if I scream and jump out of the shower with soap in my eyes and my back spasming because it's too hot or too cold, or if The Secret Cabin is too warm or too cold. You can't get a more honest depiction on comfort level than a cat either curled up tightly because it's cold or it's all stretched out and taking up as much room as a tiger with warm belly fur facing the masonry heater. TECHNICAL TIDBIT ALERT (in case you're curious): A system is sized for your lowest sunlight producing time which for us Northerners is, of course, Winter. I'd have to look at The Man's sizing sheets (hmm, that didn't sound good) but if I recall correctly, it was specifically the month of January. So, this means that in the Summer, you've got way more juice than you can use. By the way, when you think about it, doesn't it seem weird that we pay for and/or use electricity to keep our food cold when it's cold outside? Why do we do that? I'll have to google "wild beast proof snow bank box."

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