Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Now what is she doing?

I'm cleaning the living room. With the break in the heat wave and having finished lining up materials, time to work on taking The Secret Cabin from construction zone to home. I feel like I got at least one layer of dust conquered. I know, I still owe pictures. Forthcoming sans heavy layer of dust.

I also met with Lonny of LR Construction, Hancock, Michigan. He's going to be cutting the concrete in the Lower Level floor to correct the location of the bathtub lines. He seems like a super nice guy. It's a little project and I think it sounds 100 percent NOT fun. If all goes well, I've got other, more fun, projects. I love Eric and Jake and they are truly AMAZING but they will be finishing the cabin soon and I'd like to have a local crew for the other work that needs to be done. Stuff like a patio, garden/green house/pergola, and the machine barn needs a concrete floor in the worse way. A bit of advice: Do NOT put sand in your machine shed AND if your contractor doesn't know what crushed and packed screenings are, fire his butt immediately - chase him off your property with a stick if you have to. I also would like to have another pole barn - a small one just for my horse and his little donkey friend. Oh, and the front porch. Here's HOPING I've got another good contractor! Let's all keep our fingers crossed.

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