Saturday, May 15, 2010

Not your goal after $47+k

This is what the cabin looked like when the appraiser came out last fall during Deer Hunting Season Shut Down when the cabin was supposed to be completed. I used the one photo to show that the cabin was not insulated and drywalled but did not show that the drywall was on the ceiling and used the same photo you've already seen of the ceiling as it was hanging over the appraisers head that fateful day in November. That will forever go down as a top ten embarrassing moment in my life. Below is the what was paid to Dudenas Contracting at the time of the photos. We were later billed another week's work for the labor for the drywall installation. A three man crew took a week and it was roughly $2,640 plus materials. So at this point, a month was spent building the pole barn (billed separately and not included in these figures) and four and a half months was spent on the cabin. After Deer Hunting, another week and another approximate $2,640 plus materials was spent on siding the cabin. With the siding on, The Secret Cabin was now ready for the Winter weather which was moving in when I had Dudenas remove all their equipment from our property. To avoid ugliness, I didn't say much past, we need all this picked up so I don't run it over with the tractor and snow thrower; no, lumber goes in the barn not in the basement of the cabin; no, don't leave that - you need to take ALL your equipment because come Spring, if I don't need it, it gets recycled; I don't know, I just want to see my husband, I'm exhausted; I don't know, I'm completely fried; I don't know, I haven't seen my husband in five months. While I was thanking God/Goddess and all spiritual entities of light, love, and goodness than somehow I got the cabin to the point where it was ready to brave the weather, under my breath I was screaming, "get your shit and your asses off my property NOW so I can throw myself face down in the snow and cry so hard that I can't hear my heart crack and my soul moan." I stood there looking at the cabin seeing what I didn't get done. What I FAILED to get done. I fought tooth and nail to get the cabin to the point it was at but it was no where what should have been done. Dealing with these guys really ran me through the wringer. Worse, every time I tried to get issues addressed, I was personally verbally assaulted by Mark. I only left the job site once during the day to go cry my eyes out and I only cried myself to sleep once. I only threw (not physically) one guy from Dudenas' crew off the job. I only fired one other contractor because he gave me crap about a job he did incorrectly - set in concrete I might add. I did NOT pick up a 2 x 4 and knock some respect into any man for all of woman-kind everywhere and as a result stayed a free member of society. Our wallet took a beating too. Remember the bill to remedy some of the seriously ugly craftsmanship that went on is not yet in but is an additional expense to this phase of the project which will far exceed the last $2000 we are refusing to GIVE to Mark. I have consulted a few industry experts and all agreed that the cabin should have been completed for the amount of money we paid for the time that had passed. 
32 x 24 Lower level (basement addition) 20,385

Extremely slow labor and wasteful use of materials:
Enclosed and improved front porch (adds 8 x 24 of conditioned space)
Removed two walls and loft floor; added 8' to remaining, existing loft
Structural reinforcement and improvements
Soffits, facia, and trim along bottom of cabin
New roof, install chimneys
Removing old widows, reframing for new windows and doors, and
Installation of 1st shipment of windows and doors
Job site cleaning (man's definition of clean) 21,407.49
          Plus above mentioned work (ceiling and siding)                              5,280

          Total                                                                                                        47,072.49

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