Saturday, May 8, 2010

More Shock and Awe



Nina said...

Wow breathtaking...I love all the windows and teh glass doors! I can't believe all the crap you have gone through up there and are still going through. Hopefully it will be over soon, you are doing an amazing job. It looks great inside and out. I have to tell you what your nephew said when Adrianna asked for some drawing paper "look in my art bag cuz I'm an artist" haha yes "the" art bag from Aunt Bheki. too funny.I didn't know he knew the word artist. Been crazy here, trying to work full time and it's not working out so great. Hope to hit the barrel races soon. Trying to put together Cougar's birthday, kassidy graduation and sign Cougar up for kindergarden. crazy here too just in a different way than yours. But I wouldn't want your craziness. anyhow just quick note to let you know i do check here more than I have time to comment and thinking of you guys hoping all is well. take care Nina

bheki said...

Thank you, Sister. I'm so proud of Cougar, the artist. Things are going A LOT better now that I've got some rocking carpenters.