Sunday, May 2, 2010

Little Miss Pissy Pants

Okay, so the ex-contractor called again so my bad attitude and "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" is all locked and loaded. He would "appreciate" a call back. Well, you know what buddy, my husband and I would have appreciated you getting off your lazy butt and getting our job done and not making it personal. Remember this guy would call my husband and complain about me. He wasn't doing his job and I'd start getting on his case and he'd call The Man and ask him how he could stand me. You know, I'm really pissed so here you go: Don't hire Dudenas (emphasis on the ass) Contracting for anything. This first picture is what I got when Dudenas put the drywall up on the ceiling. That is a piece of drywall just hanging there. It was not only like this for four weeks before Dudenas offered to fix it as I was having them load up their stuff and snow was falling but it was hanging like that over the appraiser's head when she was out for our appraisal. Gee, I wonder why our appraisal was so low. Gee, I wonder why the bank wouldn't do anything other than extend the construction loan for six months at a cost of $750 plus interest. Gee, I wonder why the bank said, "You are having someone else come in and complete the cabin, right?" So, Duden-ass, you know what you can go do. Now, the second picture is where Eric and Jake make it all better for me. I had a choice of paying to have Duden-ass' work torn down to rehang the drywall so you couldn't park a semi between the sheets or pay for something to cover it up. I thought it'd be quicker to just cover it up. It is nice to be stunned for the better. I am loving my ceiling. You see what I got from Duden-ass when I told them that the appraiser was coming. I told Eric and Jake the appraiser is coming and he's on it. "Okay, they like to see this, this, and this" and that's what he's doing. Here is a bit of advice and I canNOT stress this enough, ask for home owner references and call them. It is not enough to ask your building department if there have been any problems with the contractor you are considering. You need someone in your shoes, the home owner, to tell you about their experience. When you're taking bids and asking when they can get to your job is a good time to find out if they are getting more work as a result of the work they are doing. This is the key. Eric and Jake go into people's home's to install windows, doors, and kitchens for some retailers and get asked back by the home owner. Those are the guys you want. Run from contractors that tell you time and material. Do not let the work proceed if there's no proposal for the next phase of the project. Kick them off your property if they don't get you a proposal and want to go to time and material. A professional that knows what he's doing can tell you what it's going to cost you. Look for a company where the boss/owner is a hammer swinger. Otherwise, you get someone lazy and full of hot air making empty promises. Find out how these guys treated other owner's property. Were there cigarette butts all over? Did they chew tobacco and spit in out all over the place or in a cup and leave the cup around? Did they leave food wrappers and their own trash wherever they were standing? They should be cleaning up at least weekly or more often if the mess is a tripping hazard. Find out their break policy. Duden-ass' guys took at least two breaks a day - 15 minutes each times 3 guys times their hourly rate. Over the course of our job it added up to $5000. That's a lot of money to have dismissed as "as you claim." Hence, the Little Miss Pissy Pants and my not caring what Duden-ass would appreciate.


Anonymous said...

It's funny - I was going to ask specifically about the contractors you have used (was going to email privately but I don't see an email). We are looking into building a cabin, but we REALLY dread finding someone to do it. We live in Calumet and haven't had luck at all with getting people to do good work or to even come out as promised to do work on our current house. It is so frustrating. I really appreciate the head's up on Duden-ass (love the nick name, by the way!).

bheki said...

Thank you for reading my blog and taking the time to comment. I'm planning to post "my little black book of contractors". I have added my email to my profile if you'd like to contact me directly.