Thursday, May 13, 2010

The $25,000 Man

So, we last left off with Eric and Jake, my bigger, stronger, and faster crew readying The Secret Cabin for appraisal. Yikes, kind of dating myself there with the reference to the 70's TV series The Six Million Dollar Man. In one of my previous entries, Little Miss Pissy Pants, there are two pictures that show what I've got now and what I had when there was nothing left but dust settling in the driveway when the ex-contractor's crew pulled out for the Deer Hunting Shut Down. Last year, it was absolutely humiliating to hand the appraiser a list of all the money we paid the ex for the work we did manage to get done when the place looked like a war zone. Really, we're not THAT stupid. Fast forward to my new wonderful crew that spent the week getting The Secret Cabin ready for the appraiser's visit. You'd have thought I said that the Obamas were coming for tea. We just got our appraisal back and we are tickled pink that the appraisal increased $25,000. (Last year's appraisal gave value when completed. We are now considered completed so we are comparing apples to apples.) As far as financing is concerned, we were already fighting an uphill battle with being off grid. So, for the first time since we purchased our little slice of heaven on Earth, after four years, we have an honest to goodness conventional mortgage. And so, we reach another major milestone on our journey to The Secret Cabin.

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