Sunday, April 4, 2010

Progress Report Six

So, when you walk from the front porch into the cabin you're in the kitchen. To your left is the bathroom. Here's the bathroom so far. Now, the search for a shower that fits into a tiny bathroom and is just the right size to accommodate soap, shampoo, water, and the scrubbing, flailing arms and elbows of the 6' tall Husband without said 6' tall Husband having to shower with his nose pressed into one side of the shower and his buttocks pressed into the other side while getting tangled up in a shower curtain was a bit of a challenge. This shower is 35-1/4" x 42". Once we found the shower, then the distributer, we still needed a dealer to get it for us. Roger, our fabulous boiler professional from Bob's Sheet Metal, Hancock, Michigan was able to get this shower for us. The little empty space pictured to the left of the shower will have built in shelving.

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