Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Break out the 'kinis

The sun is just blazing through the morning fog and heavy frost. The forecast shows sun all week and temperatures later this week hit 36. I got some sleep last night. I started out a little rough with a lot of coughing and choking but finally fell asleep. I slept for six hours straight. The apartment was super quiet so I was able to sleep another two hours. I think I've been keeping everyone around me awake with all my coughing so when I finally slept, I think they did too. My bad. While I'm not really up to running around all over the place, I'm going to anyway. I've got videos to return. I'm down to one serving of chicken soup so I need to get more groceries. I need to get some contractors garbage bags. Sigh. Stuff that's just not recyclable. Double sigh. I need to check out the driveway at the cabin and make sure it's clear. My plumbing helper is coming out Wednesday evening to help me finish up the plumbing. The wood guy will be here sometime this week. Eric and Jake will be back mid-next week which works out perfect so I can get all my work caught up and done and be ready for them to continue. I have another helper that will come out this weekend to help me finish hauling stuff out that doesn't belong in the cabin. Yes, I'm still cleaning up after our ex (contractor). Correct, nobody picked up after themselves last year. It was strange. On the last bill from our ex, he wrote on the bill that he didn't charge us for the last day when they came out and cleaned and cleared their equipment off the job site. Um, what cleaning? The only thing they really cleaned out was our bank account. There are piles of stuff under the snow where the job site trailer was parked all summer and fall. The cabin was full, and I mean full, of trash and unused and partially used materials. It's true that I saw they were throwing a bunch of stuff in the back of the pickup and taking boxes of nails out of the cabin that I paid for but at that point I just wanted them off my property and out of my life. Still, it's strange what people consider to be doing you a favor. Speaking of favors, I'm really missing The Man and Beasts so today's picture comes from the archives of feLIONs and features Emerald Starr, or Emmie, as we call her, doing me a favor and helping me with my art journal.

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