Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hollywood Hell Week

Except not in Hollywood and no future singing sensations. Where is Simon Cowell when you need him? I'm on week 2 at the cabin. Last week was ugly. Job foreman would NOT listen, gave me a lot of grief, and was just plain snark-y. I blew up and swore like a sailor. It didn't work. Unless, I was going for high blood pressure readings. When things weren't ready for the heater mason, I called the construction company owner and told him things weren't going well. Didn't get much response so I brought in a couple of guys to help me. Nope, not to proud to pick men up off the street. When owner got there yesterday morning, I let him know he lost the additional work we have and that he'd have to earn the next stage of the job. He said that wasn't fair. I told him that he'd learn to take me seriously and that's the way it was going to go. So going for the wallet worked and I got more guys and everyone got the lead out and busted butt and the job got caught up. So, I'm thinking positively now and expect things to go well. Here's a little sneak peak at the lower level heater. This is after like 5 hours of work - and they had to set up all their stuff including shoveling dirt to be able to get into the basement and move all their block by hand because I couldn't get the job foreman to do it.

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