Monday, October 26, 2009

Not as ugly as I thought

I was seriously concerned and dreading what putting up a PV array would do for my visual senses. I mean, I have almost caused The Husband's soul to leave his body with my occasional and very sudden out bursts of, "OMIGODDESS THAT'S UGLY!" upon witnessing some sort of horrific visual assault upon my overtly sensitive aesthetic senses. You know how you see really bad behavior from kids and you're just like, "no way in hell am I going down that road." People say, "Oh, it's different when they're your own." Nope, not buying it. Misery loves company and you can't fool me. Well, this "when they're your own" philosophy must apply to solar panels. I was surprised by own reaction, or lack of reaction, when I first moved my hand down from over my eyes just a smidge. When my stomach didn't wrench, I moved my hand away from my face the rest of the way. "Hmm. oh, wow, OMIGODDESS, THAT IS SO FRICKIN' COOL!" I'm still not buying what I think is a misleading advertising campaign for having kids thing though.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Fire in the hole

Seriously, what is it about fire that brings out the cave woman in me. I just want to point and jump around while donning hides. Oh, I'm the only one that feels that way? Is it too late to take it back after it's said out loud? Oh well. UH, FIRE, UH!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Fall y'all

First, a quick word on the weather from UP North: Wa! (local saying meaning "wow"). For the rest of us, the word ugly will do the trick. Lots of cold, wind, rain, sleet, and snow. Even people who have been here a while are saying it's unseasonably cold right now and that it's pretty unusual to see color on the trees and snow on the ground.

I am flying to Ohio today so that I can take care of the animals while Mike comes UP here and installs the solar panels. Since my last update, the electrician has wired the cabin and I have been working on the plumbing. Yep, I can "sweat pipe" meaning solder. I also know how to glue together the black ABS piping too. I do have an experienced guy who is the brains and the brawn of the operation but technically because I, the owner, pulled the permit means I, the owner, have to do the work. I did that because we were getting ridiculously high estimates for the plumbing and the plumber I hired already had one part of the job wrong and had a mouth I didn't want to listen to so I wasn't going to torture myself or anybody else and ended that immediately.

The guys started the barn last week, are working on it this week, and will probably be working on it again next week. Geez. Then we're back in the cabin for insulation and drywall with a two week break for hunting season. Apparently, they shut the UP down and go hunting. After, that it's December. Yep, December. We should have our last shipment of windows waiting for us (they come in opening day of hunting season) and we'll get them installed and that will be it for the year.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The world's cutest kitchen window

Well, we ran out of that beautiful weather we were so lucky to have for so long. It has been gray and raining and a bit chilly for just about two weeks now. Fall is here. The boiler is down in the apartment building so there is no heat. I'm waiting for a chimney part to come in for the cabin so there is no heat there either. We have made progress in the cabin though! I fired the plumber so I will be doing the plumbing. I found an expert helper though. The building inspector is coming out on Monday. The carpenters will be out building the barn this week while I do plumbing and the electrician wires the cabin. Hopefully, the chimney part will come in and then we'll be insulating and hanging drywall in the cabin. We're coming down the home stretch now! Mike and I will switch places in a couple of weeks. He'll come here and put up the solar array and I'll go to the Ohio farm and take care of the critters and pack. I have to take some pictures yet with the windows in.