Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fried Wifi Brain

Cripes. Mike and I are super exhausted. We've seen each other for four days in the last five months. It is Winter in the Keweenaw. So, while we had planned on having the cabin done by the last week of October (our very latest, back up deadline if we didn't make the other deadlines) so we could move in, here it is December with lots of snow so we called it quits for the year. I am going to refer to this part of the cabin remodel as Faze I - Rough in with emphasis on the word "rough" and declare this phase over. I leave the Keweenaw this Saturday and fly back to Ohio. Mike will come up to the cabin the week of Christmas and finish hooking up the solar system. Our plan is that he'll be back in time for Christmas Eve. Then, Mike and I are going to take a little break from the construction stuff and start back up when we feel ready. The contractor that we had working on the cabin this year is all cleared off our property and it's a big relief. We are talking to another contractor for the finish work.

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