Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Getting a little on the side

Ya know, I find myself saying things that are weird to say about this whole construction drama. So, things are NOT working out with my current contractor and I want to toss him out and fire his ass. It's so reminiscent of a bad relationship break up only he never bought me a ring to throw at him as I stomp indignantly off into the sunset. It's hunting season. This current contractor's usual level of lack of customer service has left me alone for two weeks without any workers or any work being done. What's a girl to do to fill her lonely, quiet, construction worker-less days? Not let the job site get cold. That's for darn sure. The last shipment of Loewen Windows came in along with a couple of guys to install them. So, yes, guilty. I'm guilty of cheating on my contractor with another contractor. So, these new guys are amazing. We stopped work and went into town for lunch. We went our separate ways for lunch and I was took my sweet old time as I usually do with my other crew. I had lunch. Set my fork down between bites. Chewed slowly and thoroughly actually tasting my food. Then I ran some errands. Then I drove within the speed limit. Good thing the old ticker is still a work horse. I'm still suffering from a little disbelief though. Eric and Jake were done installing the windows. As if that weren't shocking enough, they were, get this, cleaning up. Then Eric said, in slow motion with the camera in tight on a shot of his lips, "Is there anything else you would like us to do for you while we're here?" After, visions of laying on the ground and getting the electric paddle treatment to the chest cleared my head, I responded with an intelligent, "Uh, no?" After as much a recovery as anyone in my shoes could make, I was able to point at the cabin and kind of stutter, "Come back to UP? Proposal to finish cabin?" while refraining from throwing myself down on the ground and holding them by the ankles and crying, "Don't leave me; finish my cabin, please." So, I'm getting a proposal. And so, yes, I'm guilty of courting another contractor on the side while I'm still hooked up with this current contractor. My new contractor has a cooler truck too! Na, na, so there.

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