Sunday, October 4, 2009

The world's cutest kitchen window

Well, we ran out of that beautiful weather we were so lucky to have for so long. It has been gray and raining and a bit chilly for just about two weeks now. Fall is here. The boiler is down in the apartment building so there is no heat. I'm waiting for a chimney part to come in for the cabin so there is no heat there either. We have made progress in the cabin though! I fired the plumber so I will be doing the plumbing. I found an expert helper though. The building inspector is coming out on Monday. The carpenters will be out building the barn this week while I do plumbing and the electrician wires the cabin. Hopefully, the chimney part will come in and then we'll be insulating and hanging drywall in the cabin. We're coming down the home stretch now! Mike and I will switch places in a couple of weeks. He'll come here and put up the solar array and I'll go to the Ohio farm and take care of the critters and pack. I have to take some pictures yet with the windows in.

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