Monday, October 26, 2009

Not as ugly as I thought

I was seriously concerned and dreading what putting up a PV array would do for my visual senses. I mean, I have almost caused The Husband's soul to leave his body with my occasional and very sudden out bursts of, "OMIGODDESS THAT'S UGLY!" upon witnessing some sort of horrific visual assault upon my overtly sensitive aesthetic senses. You know how you see really bad behavior from kids and you're just like, "no way in hell am I going down that road." People say, "Oh, it's different when they're your own." Nope, not buying it. Misery loves company and you can't fool me. Well, this "when they're your own" philosophy must apply to solar panels. I was surprised by own reaction, or lack of reaction, when I first moved my hand down from over my eyes just a smidge. When my stomach didn't wrench, I moved my hand away from my face the rest of the way. "Hmm. oh, wow, OMIGODDESS, THAT IS SO FRICKIN' COOL!" I'm still not buying what I think is a misleading advertising campaign for having kids thing though.

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